Xinxiang Great Wall φ3.2x6.5m iron ore ball mill sent to the Middle East

September 20, CHAENG (Xinxiang Great Wall) is very busy, ordered by the Turkish customers CHAENG φ3.2x6.5m iron ore ball mill shipped.

φ3.2x6.5m iron ore ball mill.jpg

In September 2015, three Turkish customers to visit the CHAENG, after a year of communication and exchange, in May 30, 2016 and CHAENG iron ore ball mill contract. July 2016 Turkish customers visit to discuss mill details and new projects, such as steel slag vertical mill. In September 2016, Turkish customers again visited the inspection, very satisfied with the products, praised CHAENG of the scale of production and quality control, the Turkish customers hope to mine in the future of steel and cement industry and CHAENG have long-term cooperation.

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It is reported that the Turkish customers also inspected other manufacturers, after careful study and repeated comparison, decided to choose CHAENG as its partners. Turkish customers feel CHAENG of production strength and size, is the most satisfying and rest assured.

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CHAENG energy efficient ball mill equipment in the traditional ball mill on the basis of the transformation of the new equipment, the ball mill to change the original mill structure, can reduce energy consumption by 30%, processing capacity increased by 15-20% for each Metal, non-metallic ore grinding, with large capacity, low energy consumption, high efficiency and environmental advantages, ranking the world's leading level. At present, CHAENG energy efficient ball mill has accumulated sales of more than 2,000 sets, the market performed well, much praise.

CHAENG has a rare casting base in the same industry. The trunnion bearings, large girth gears and slide shoes of ball mill required by the ore ball mill are independently produced by CHAENG , which can shorten the lead-time and reduce the cost of maintenance and replacement.

ball mill-3.jpg

With the implementation of the strategy of "Going Out" and the innovative application of "Internet + Machinery + Foundry" marketing mode, CHAENG successively with Indonesia Su Steel Group in an annual output of 300,000 tons nickel residue production line project,And Uzbekistan customers in Nissan 1,000 tons of cement production line projects to carry out cooperation,CHAENG International Development show a good development trend. The cooperation with the Turkish customers of the CHAENG International goal in the Middle East has taken a solid step forward.