Viewing the advantages of vertical mill from the development of steel slag grinding equipment

Viewing the advantages of vertical mill from the development of steel slag grinding equipment

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 Systems for steel slag grinding include ball mill systems, roller press systems, and vertical mill systems. After three iterations, the vertical mill has become the preferred steel slag powder processing equipment at home and abroad. Since the beginning of the 20th century, the emergence of various new high-efficiency grinding equipment such as vertical mills has made it possible to produce steel slag powder with high efficiency and low consumption, and it can provide steel slag powder with appropriate fineness and good activity for cement and concrete production enterprises.

steel slag grinding equipmentsteel slag grinding equipment

Ball mill system:

• High power consumption, when the high-density product is 450m2/kg or more, the unit power consumption is above 85kWh/t;

• High operating costs and large consumption of abrasive bodies;

• The fineness of steel slag powder does not meet national standards;

Roller + ball mill system:

• The production process system is relatively complex and has many equipments;

• The investment in manpower, material resources and financial resources is relatively high, the failure rate of the roller press is high, and the maintenance cost is high in the later stage;

• The overall power consumption of the product is relatively high;

Vertical mill system:

• It integrates crushing, grinding, drying and powder selection, and has a small footprint;

• Low power consumption, good sealing performance, and noise is 30~50db lower than ball mill;

• Service life of wear parts

Chaeng has cooperated with well-known research institutes at home and abroad, as well as its own years of experience, and took the lead in adopting the new closed-circuit system of “rod mill + vertical mill” in the steel slag production line treatment process. This grinding process has obvious advantages in improving grinding ability and anti-abrasion performance, and that can maximize the specific surface area of steel slag and reduce the power consumption of grinding.

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