How to carry out maintenance for the vertical mill

How to carry out maintenance for the vertical mill

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During the operation of the vertical roller mill, the contact surface is subjected to multiple crushing and grinding, which may result in damage to the overall quality of the vertical roller mill. The timely maintenance and protection of the vertical mill plays a key role in extending the life of the vertical mill.

The main vulnerable part of the vertical mill is the surface where the grinding table and the grinding roller are transferred. It is necessary to add a thick layer of wear layer to the contact surface of the grinding roller and the grinding table, and this layer of wear layer needs to be based on its quality. Determine the frequency and period of replacement. Chaeng will carry out multi-layer surfacing in the production of vertical mill grinding table and grinding rolls to ensure the service life of wear layer and reduce the frequency and cycle of replacement.

vertical roller mill

vertical roller mill

vertical roller millVertical mill operation construction:

Develop detailed plans for the operation of vertical mill equipment, including production volume, schedule, professional maintenance department, etc. Reasonable work arrangements and preventive measures can extend the service life of equipment and accessories and improve production efficiency.

1. Develop a reasonable production plan to avoid overworked equipment.

2. The central control department will monitor the data parameters in real time and find out that the abnormal quality of the finished product and production efficiency are eliminated in time.

3. Lubricate or replace the minor or severe wear parts of the vertical mill.

Vertical roller mill repair:

When the vertical roller mill has a specific failure phenomenon, such as the powder collector does not produce powder, the bearing locks, the inlet dust is abnormal, etc., such common faults chaeng are introduced in the detailed technical description of the vertical mill equipment, and the fault problem can not be handledl, to find a technician or to check and eliminate under the knowledge of technical personnel, the entire process of troubleshooting should be carried out under power failure conditions to avoid other accidents. If you cannot handle it in time, please contact us.

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