What is the price of chaeng GRM Series 33.31 vertical mill?

What is the price of chaeng GRM Series 33.31 vertical mill?

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Chaeng GRM Series 33.31 vertical mill has an output of 300,000 tons per year. It is the most popular specification for all SMEs. The output is in line with the processing capacity of industrial waste slag and other resources, and which can solve the pollution caused by steel slag storage. Waste of resources.

Chaeng GRM series vertical mill adopts advanced technology,it can be customized according to the needs of different customers, and the price is moderate, and the equipment has the following advantages:

1. Reduce investment costs and intelligent control

It integrates crushing, drying, grinding, powder selection and conveying. It has a compact layout and covers an area of about 50% of the ball mill system. It can be arranged in the open air and the investment cost is greatly reduced. It is equipped with PLC/DCS automatic control system. Remote control, and easy to operate.

2. Freely adjust the fineness according to demand

The new high-efficiency cage rotor separator ensures that the specific surface area of the finished product can be flexibly adjusted within the range of 400~550m2/kg to meet various fineness requirements of customers;

3, Single electromechanical consumption does not exceed 30Kwh

The use of horizontal grinding table and conical grinding rolls to ensure that the material can form a stable bed, low energy consumption, saving 30% to 40% compared with the ball mill system;

4.Energy saving and environmental protection is remarkable, easy maintenance

The system is in a negative pressure state, no dust overflows, the environment is clean, and meets the national environmental protection requirements; by repairing the oil cylinder, flipping the rocker arm, replacing the roller sleeve and the lining plate is convenient and quick, and reducing the downtime loss.

5.Original accessories, reduce maintenance worries

The spare parts such as grinding rolls and rocker arms in the whole system are made by Great Wall Machinery. The original production guarantees the quality and greatly reduces the difficulty of finding spare parts in the later stage of the customer.

6.Mineral powder metal recycling revenue

The specially designed iron removal device can achieve a pig iron recovery rate of 0.2-0.3%, and a high metal income can be obtained per ton of slag produced; and the phenomenon of metal enrichment is avoided, the consumption of wearing parts is reduced, and the maintenance cost is reduced.

Recently, chaeng has just put into production a production line with an annual output of 300,000 tons of slag powder. The main engine of the project is the 33.31 slag vertical mill. The project was signed by the company and Shanxi customers in July 2018. The project was successfully commissioned in March 2019 and completed and put into production. The equipment is stable in operation and has a large production capacity. The project is operated by load, and the output and quality of the ore powder meet the design requirements.

CAHENG GRM3331 vertical mill project case (part):

slag grinding plant

 South Korea 300,000 tons of slag production line

slag grinding plant

Hebei 300,000 tons of slag grinding plant

slag grinding mill

Yunnan 300,000 tons of slag grinding mill

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