What are the advantages of chaeng tube mill and vertical roller mill?

What are the advantages of chaeng tube mill and vertical roller mill?

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 The world's first vertical roller mill was developed in Germany in the 1920s. Its grinding principle is similar to that of our ancestors grinding grain. It uses the bed grinding principle to grind the material, overcomes many defects of the ball mill and grinding mechanism, and it has high grinding efficiency and low power consumption (than the ball mill section). Electric 20%~30%), large drying capacity, allowing the grinding material to have large particle size, simple grinding process, small floor space, low civil construction cost, low noise, small wear, long service life and easy operation.

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In the 1980s, relevant research institutions in China proposed to promote vertical mills in the cement industry. At the time, some manufacturers introduced their own vertical mill products. However, under the limitations of the research and development level at that time, the vertical mill products at this time had inevitable technical defects, so many cement manufacturers finally switched to ball mills. Tube mills have also been the most important equipment used in the field of industrial equipment grinding.

The tube mill is a very important fine grinding equipment in modern industry. It is one of the most important equipments in the grinding system. The production capacity of large tube mills is very high. The difference between the single-cylinder tube mill and the short-cylinder ball mill is that its length is 2-7 times larger than the diameter. The material takes a long time in the tube mill, the product fineness is uniform, and the crushing is relatively large.

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The advantages of the vertical mill compared to the tube mill are:

1. Small footprint, large output and high work efficiency.

2. The grinding roller bearing adopts the thin oil circulation lubrication method, which can ensure that the bearing works at a lower temperature, and at the same time, the quality and purity of the lubricating oil are controlled, which is beneficial to prolonging the service life of the bearing;

3, equipped with a roll device, the roller can be turned out of the mill for easy maintenance;

4. Compared with some other types of mills, the hydraulic system of the vertical mill has low operating pressure, low oil leakage failure rate and high safety and reliability;

5. The combined separator has high efficiency in selecting powder.

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