How much is steel castings per ton?

How much is steel castings per ton?

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There are many steel castings in the production and processing, many of which are due to unqualified raw material quality, unreasonable process, or improper production management, etc., which will lead to some defects in the castings, and these defects sometimes Directly affect the quality and performance of the casting.

As the thickness of the casting increases, the shape of the casting and the degree of some elements in the steel are correspondingly improved. The defects of some castings have a great influence on the process and mechanical properties of the casting, and some will directly The impact on the overall quality of the steel castings will also directly lead to unqualified or scrapped phenomena.

 slag pot steel casting

With some scientific tests, the performance test and non-destructive testing of the castings can be used to detect the defects of the macro and microstructure during the solidification process of the casting, and also directly show its shape characteristics and The distribution pattern also has data such as the number of sizes.

According to the chemical analysis to judge its influence, it can deeply explore the solidification law and characteristics of the casting. After that, it can be rationally controlled by smelting or pouring, heat treatment, etc. It can also alleviate the defects of castings and ensure the quality of castings. The quality of the installed machine improves the performance of the installed load under complex stress conditions.

The large steel castings produced by Great Wall Cast Steel are subject to rigorous testing before leaving the factory, and it will only be shipped if they meet all the requirements. So how much is a ton of steel castings? Welcome to inquire!

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