We need to maintain and replace spare parts in time during rotary kiln shutdown

We need to maintain and replace spare parts in time during rotary kiln shutdown

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on the one hand Stopping the rotary kiln aims at actively responding to the policy of environmental protection. On the other hand, the manufacturer also needs to maintain and replace spare parts for the entire rotary kiln during this period.

Rotary kiln support roller: It is one of the main components of the rotary kiln, and receives the weight of the entire rotary kiln (including the cylinder, lining bricks, kiln heat exchange device, material, rolling ring, ring gear), and makes the cylinder body and roll The circle can rotate smoothly on the supporting wheel, so the super-strong endurance wheel has become one of the standards to measure the quality of the rotary kiln. The long-term use of the wheel is prone to lack of support and needs to be replaced in time

Rotary kiln support roller

Rotary Kiln tyre: The role of the wheel belt is to transfer the full weight of the cylinder (including the gravity of refractory bricks, internal devices and materials, etc.) to the supporting roller, and the cylinder can smoothly rotate on the supporting roller. It has sufficient strength and durability; at the same time, the belt is a part that strengthens the radial rigidity of the cylinder, so it should ensure sufficient rigidity. During the stopping of the kiln, the strength of the wheel belts needs to be tested. There is a slight problem and it needs to be replaced in time to avoid affecting the post-production.

Kiln tyre

Rotary kiln shell: The drum is not only an important component of the rotary kiln, but also an important place for materials to react. Since the cylinder body is in contact with the material for a long time and a chemical reaction occurs in the cylinder body, the generated reactants can easily corrode the cylinder body, thereby causing damage to the cylinder body. Damaged cylinder needs to be replaced in time when testing.

Rotary kiln shell

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