Chaeng vertical mill processing coal gangue

Chaeng vertical mill processing coal gangue

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Coal gangue is a kind of hard kaolinite of coal series, also called kaolin, which is a non-metallic mineral resource closely associated with coal. Because of its good brittleness and relatively low hardness, this material is easy to be ground with a crusher or mill. The processing process is simple and smooth. It is very suitable for investment and operation in resource-rich areas. The coal gangue grinding station composed of Liming Heavy Industry's pulverizer produces coal gangue, activated coal gangue and spontaneous coal gangue powder products. Some minerals are artificially or spontaneously calcined, and they are treated with waste and waste technical methods, physical and chemical Activated technical measures, the finely ground coal gangue composite powder product has a compressive strength of about 80% and has obvious pozzolanic effect, micro-aggregate filling effect and durability effect. After being pulverized by a high-fine mill, the obtained activated coal gangue and spontaneous coal gangue ultrafine powder products are mainly used in: 
1.Cement plants: use activated coal gangue and spontaneous coal gangue ultrafine powder products and fly ash The composite, replacing the traditional cement mixture.
2.Concrete: use the composite of activated coal gangue and spontaneous coal gangue ultra-fine powder product and fly ash to replace and eliminate some of the coarse and medium aggregates (gravel, pebbles, etc.) used in traditional ordinary concrete. The test results show that high performance concrete can be prepared by using calcined finely ground coal gangue as the admixture as long as the proportion is appropriate and the appropriate additives are added.
3.Additives, stimulants, curing agents, regulators. 
4. Thermal insulation products, etc. 
5.Airport, reservoir, road and dam projects. 
6.Mountain, wells and roadways, well construction and well killing, and roadway filling projects.
7.Suitable for cement products and prefabricated components such as pavement bricks, grass-planting bricks, curbstones, river bricks, earth-retaining stones, culvert pipes, road slabs, cement tiles, boards, pipes, etc.
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In recent years, many resource local areas have begun to pay more attention to the comprehensive utilization of coal gangue, and even formulate special incentive and support measures to encourage enterprises to purchase relevant crushers and mill equipment, and more and more consider the conversion of this solid waste For the available resources such as electricity, building materials, and heat energy, to solve the long-term environmental pollution problem, and the application of coal gangue after grinding is extensive, especially the main papermaking and coating industries are industries that will inevitably develop in the future. The prospects for development and utilization are quite optimistic.
General coal gangue crushing and grinding requires relatively low equipment requirements. Jaw crushers, impact crushers, and sand making machines can easily perform preliminary crushing operations on coal gangue, while normal ones such as Raymond mills and high-pressure mills Mills, trapezoidal mills, vertical mills and many other mills can grind them. According to the different fields of finished products, high-pressure micro-powder mills or three-ring medium-speed micro-powder mills can also be used to grind materials. Carry out superfine grinding.
After calcination and ultrafine grinding by a vertical mill, the coal gangue that was originally discarded can meet the industrial grade requirements of papermaking, coatings and other fields, turning waste into treasure. In addition, the coal gangue crushed by the vertical mill can also be used to make cement, building ceramics, power glue additives, fire-resistant coatings, and the production of compound fertilizers. It has a wide range of uses. At present, Heshan City, Guangxi has introduced sophisticated mills and equipment to use the rich coal gangue and fly ash resources in the region to produce ultra-fine high-whiteness calcined kaolin, polymer artificial cryolite, high-purity nano alumina, and crystalline chlorine. High-tech products such as aluminum and polyaluminum chloride, hollow microspheres.

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