Vertical Shaft Lime Kiln‎ Design Process

Vertical Shaft Lime Kiln‎ Design Process

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Vertical Shaft Lime Kiln designs and methods of operation (technology) differ in: a) the manner in which fuel is used to bring the stone to the required temperature, and b) the conditions which the stone is subjected to during the course of being fired.

The technology used depends on the: a) physical and chemical characteristics of the stone used, b) fuels used, c) socio-economic and technical factors in the particular circumstances.
The objective of the designer should be to design a limeburning operation which will provide: a) the qualities of lime required, b) a lime of sufficiently low cost, c) an operation which suits the local conditions.
Although it is difficult for a layman to design and determine the optimum operating conditions of a kiln, under the circumstances where a small batch or continuous mixed feed operation is appropriate and feasible, the layman could implement it with a general knowledge of the subject and a minimum of specialist assistance.
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