Double cement ball mill arrangement in cement clinker grinding unit

Double cement ball mill arrangement in cement clinker grinding unit

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For the purpose of continuous running and grindin, it seems much better tha Double Cement Ball Mill Arrangement. This arrangement, not only gives continuous production but produce the cement with lesser costs . More over , this Double Ball Mill Arrangement do not require any extra equipment in comparison with Single Ball Mill Arrangement. In this arrangement , the whole unit remains running if one one of the Cement Ball Mill stops working dueto wear & tear or some mechnical break down. It Avoides suspension and production . That is why the production becomes double with the lesser coats. It is more economical. This arrangement may be automatic as well manual. It may be handled easily manpower.
 double cement ball mill
The whole system of cement clinker grinding unit mainly includes cement grinding, cement homogenization and batching, cement packaging and bulk loading. And the system is composed of cement mill, OSEPA high-efficiency separator, elevator, packing machine and so on. In order to meet the customers' requirements on different granularity of auxiliary materials, it can be equipped with high-efficiency hammer crusher for optimal combination and classification.
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