Use of anti-slag pot

Use of anti-slag pot

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In the process of slag oxidation in converter steelmaking and electric furnace steelmaking, slag pots are used to contain high temperature liquid steel slag, because the material melting point of the slag pot is between 1505-1550 degrees, and the temperature of high temperature liquid steel slag is in the range of 1540-1750 degrees. , Then the high temperature liquid steel slag will have the possibility of melting the slag pot.

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Under the erosion of steel slag, the steel slag and the slag pot will be connected together. When the slag pot is poured out, some of the steel slag will stick to the slag pot and it will be difficult to remove, which will affect the service life of the slag tank and the slag treatment process. Implementation. Therefore, steelmaking plants now spray anti-slagging agents on the inner wall of the slag pot or slag basin to solve this problem.

We divide them into two types according to the functions and uses of residue slag pot coatings. One is that the functional materials are mainly MgO, including base materials, solvents, and carbonaceous materials. The other one is coating production, storage, transportation, and can strengthen Coating additive for spreadability.

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