Looking for manufacturers of slag pot, select chaeng product quality assurance!

Looking for manufacturers of slag pot, select chaeng product quality assurance!

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chaeng is a well-known large-scale cast steel processing manufacturer in Henan Province, which specializes in processing slag pot. The slag pot we process have a short casting cycle and a long service life. Why are our slag pot well received by customers?

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Obtain multiple systems to ensure product quality

Because we have obtained a number of system certifications, the production standards of slag pot are processed in accordance with international standards, which can ensure the quality of the slag tanks and can effectively shorten the delivery time. Many customers who have already cooperated with the chaengThe delivery time is very satisfactory.

Experienced casting team with personalized customization

Before production, the technical team will conduct technical exchanges with customers to formulate detailed specific production plans; the production processes are strictly controlled from mold opening, modeling, pouring, and quality inspection to the pursuit of high-quality products; Regular training of new knowledge for front-line operation staff can ensure stable production and quality of residue tanks.

Rich processing experience, strength guarantee

Chaeng currently has thousands of large-scale steel castings and slag pot casting experience. It also has advanced processing equipment, professional machining, and advanced flaw detection equipment to lay a solid foundation for the production of high-quality products. It is also a long-term cooperation strategy with many customers, such as Shanghai Baosteel, Mittal, etc., our strength is worth your trust!

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