The use of steel slag(chaeng steel slag grinding plant)

The use of steel slag(chaeng steel slag grinding plant)

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Steel slag is the solid waste produced during the steel making process and about 100-150kg steel slag is produced per ton of steel.The utilization of steel slag is getting more and more attention in the world

Steel Slag Application

· Road Engineering

· Building Materials

· Fertilizer and Soil Amendment

· Marine Engineering

· Sewage Treatment

Steel Slag Comprehensive Utilization Rate (%)

Japan 98 Road construction, civil engineering, cement engineering, agricultural fertilizer and others
America 95 Road construction, and others
German 77 Road construction, civil engineering, building materials, agricultural fertilizer
Russia 40 Road construction
China 22 Road construction, building materials, agricultural fertilizer


Practical Application of Steel Slag Grinding Plant

steel slag grinding plant

Baosteel's EPC steel slag grinding plant with annual output of 300,000tons

Main equipment: 3.2×13m steel slag ball mill +14080-D roller press

Grinding material: steel slag

Heat treatment process: BSSF

Product fineness: 500 m2/kg

Output: 50t/h

Customers’ comments: Ball mill of CHAENG has high productivity and high grinding fineness. They did all from raw material testing, to production line design, to ball mill processing and final construction and operation, which saved us a lot of time. That’s very good!

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