Slag tank, slag pot manufacturer -chaeng

Slag tank, slag pot manufacturer -chaeng

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As a professional manufacturer of slag ladle, chaeng has been to increase innovation in the production of slag pots, the use of the current international advanced cast steel technology and software system, so that the cast slag tank(pot) construction period is about 30 days, the average number of uses In 6,000 times, the service life is much higher than the market, and it is integrated with casting, which has strong resistance to deformation.

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Experience in casting, strength is trustworthy

Professionally providing various specifications of slag pot production and processing services for many years, rich experience; strong processing equipment, professional machining and flaw detection, laying the foundation for the production of high-quality castings; cooperation with Shanghai Baosteel, Mittal Group, Tata Group, trustworthy.

Obtained multiple system certifications


Chaeng successfully passed the ISO9001:2008 international quality management system certification, the production of slag pots are carried out in accordance with international standards, effectively guaranteeing the quality of slag pots, and the annual production capacity of 25,000 tons, The delivery period provides protection for chaeng, and many customers who cooperate with chaeng are very satisfied with the delivery time of chaeng.

Professional casting team provides customized solutions

Before production, carry out technical exchanges with customers, and formulate specific production plans for slag tanks (slag pot); we are strictly control the production process from mold opening, molding, pouring, testing, etc., pursue 100% quality; regularly train first-line operators to ensure slag tank(slag pot) production stable quality.

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