What technical improvements have been made to GRMSS series of steel slag mills?

What technical improvements have been made to GRMSS series of steel slag mills?

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The vertical mill is a equipment for grinding industrial waste slag. The general vertical mill equipment can grind the slag, nickel slag and other waste slag. However, it cannot directly grind the steel slag produced by the steel plant for the following reasons:

1. High hardness: The main components of steel slag are mainly dicalcium silicate, tricalcium silicate, tetracalcium iron aluminate, close to ordinary Portland cement clinker, and have basic conditions of hydraulic hardness.

2, low activity: due to the excessive formation temperature of steel slag, and more impurities such as FeO, MgO and other impurities crystallized, so that some minerals are much less active than the same minerals in cement. Steel slag contains a large amount of unstable free MgO and f-Ca0, FeO, and f-CaO has a higher formation temperature and better crystallization, so the activity is lower.

3, instability: steel slag texture is difficult to break, chemical composition fluctuations, magnesium-rich iron and other characteristics limit the application of steel slag.

4. The metal has a high iron content, and the fineness requirement of the steel slag powder is higher than that of the slag powder.

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Steel slag needs to be pretreated and various processes after iron selection before entering the vertical mill for grinding. chaeng GRMSS series steel slag vertical mill is innovative in designing the original vertical mill, which has the following advantages:

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1. Optimize multiple structures of steel slag vertical mill, increase multiple iron selection, and improve steel slag grinding efficiency;

2. The new vertical mill has become an energy-saving and environmentally-friendly grinding equipment. Compared with the ball mill system, the system power consumption is reduced by 20%;

3, product fineness can be guaranteed to be good at 450-550m2 / kg, suitable as cement active mixed materials and concrete admixtures.

Chaeng is committed to providing steel plants with a total solution for the utilization of steel slag resources. After nearly ten years of research and exploration, it has proposed a comprehensive utilization service plan for the whole process of steel slag, which can provide customers with the steel slag production line general contract project, which is currently successful. Help Shanghai Baosteel, Xuzhou Southeast Steel, and other customers to achieve the utilization of steel slag resources.

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