How get the large girth gear maintained?

How get the large girth gear maintained?

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Girth gear are our common mechanical parts, such as machine tools, ships, electric fans, mining equipment, etc., which are used and are indispensable key components, so regular inspection and maintenance are required.

Large girth gear are used in mining equipment such as ball mills and rotary kiln. In continuous twisting and friction, it will easily cause wear and tear. Therefore, in daily maintenance, once this problem is found, It should be repaired and handled in time to avoid unnecessary security risks. Girth gear wear occurs during the running of the gear transmission, which is also called running wear. Because the known wear is not only harmless to the gear, but also a necessary part of the new gear in the operation process. Regularly change the lubricant in order to avoid abrasive wear.

Large girth gear

In terms of maintenance, it is also an important work item to regularly apply lubricant to gears. Lubricants can effectively reduce the degree of mechanical wear and prevent rust and also have a certain protective effect. As a relatively important part of various mechanical equipment, the large ring gear will have a qualitative leap with the improvement of production technology, but daily maintenance is also necessary.

When processing girth gears, large-scale foundries will also customize the processing according to the customer's needs, and it will also adjust the processing flow appropriately, and ensure the delivery of high-quality products to customers.

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