Xinxiang Great Wall Machinery - recommended by the Chinese government for environmental protection

Xinxiang Great Wall Machinery - recommended by the Chinese government for environmental protection

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As the first solid waste in the steel industry, the use of steel slag has been a big industry problem. However, a Chinese company has a unique approach to the treatment of steel slag and has taken its place in the international market.

More than a month ago, Korea POSCO 300,000t/y slag grinding plant built by Xinxiang Great Wall Machinery Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "CHAENG") was put into production successfully. This plant can “eat” hundreds of thousands of tons of slag every year, and can recycle hundreds of tons of scrap for industrial production, effectively solving the problem of industrial slag resource utilization.

After repeated comparisons on a global scale, POSCO finally chose to cooperate with CHAENG, for CHAENG can provide the advanced integrated solutions for industrial waste recycling.

The cooperation with POSCO is an important milestone in the development of CHAENG! Taking advantage of the national strategy “the Belt and Road”, CHAENG, as a private enterprise, has successfully completed the construction of 126 industrial slag powder production lines, which will shine on the world stage.

Korea POSCO 300,000t/y blast-furnace slag EPC production line
Korea POSCO 300,000t/y blast-furnace slag production line
 PT. Indoferro 300,000 nickel slag grinding plant
PT. Indoferro 300,000 nickel slag grinding plant

 In 2015, CHAENG strengthened the research on various technologies of vertical roller mills. The materials were extended from raw materials and slag to cement, steel slag, stone powder, etc. And the production capacity was developed to 1,200,000 tons per year from 200,000 tons per year. CHAENG vertical roller mill with advanced technology has won nearly 40 national patents.

With the implementation of the Chinese national strategy “ the Belt and Road”, in 2013, CHAENG established the E-Commerce Department, which took the lead in adopting the “Internet + Traditional Manufacturing” marketing model and broke the geographical restrictions with customers.

In 2015, the International Trade Department of CHAENG was formally established and began to explore the international market. The company has cultivated a group of high-quality compound talents who are proficient in multilingualism, set market development goals, and actively participate in international exhibitions, to promote products and obtain demand information. At the same time, the company has also built official websites in 5 languages including Chinese, English, Russian, Spanish, and Arabic. And it uses search engines like Baidu and Google to vigorously develop online marketing and timely acquire customer needs.

 CHAENG participated in the German foundry exhibition

CHAENG participated in the German foundry exhibition

At the beginning of 2016, after a company in Uzbekistan learned about CHAENG on the Internet, it made a special trip to Xinxiang for inspection. In less than 10 days after the inspection, the two sides signed a cooperation contract for the 1000t/d cement production line project. The representative of the company said that they had been inspected in many countries for more than half a year, it was CHAENG's technical strength and good industry reputation that make them finally chose the “Great Wall Program”.

At present, CHAENG has cooperated with the iron and steel giants such as Tata in India and Mittal, and cooperated with well-known cement companies such as Lafarge in France. The products are exported to more than 60 countries including Germany, the United States, Japan and Peru. Last year, nearly 100 foreign customers came to participate in the 60th anniversary celebration of CHAENG. “The Great Wall of Xinxiang, the Great Wall of the World”, CHAENG has been well-known at home and abroad for its vertical roller mill and EPC grinding production line.

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