Steel Slag Grinding Plant

Steel Slag Grinding Plant

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Steel slag is the waste residue in the process of steel making, including converter slag and electric furnace slag, approximately takes 15-20 percent of crude steel capacity , It occupies a large proportion of industrial waste.
The product of the CHAENG ( Great Wall Machinery ) production steel slag vertical roller mill is the equipment to grind steel slag into small particles . steel slag(fineness:4200-4500cm2/g) produced by vertical roller mills are being used to substitute clinker in conventional cement manufacturing as well as to partially replace OPC for ready-mixed concrete production.
CHAENG Steel slag project case
CHAENG can undertake 20 tons --1.5 million tons of steel slag grinding plant EPC projects. We can provide raw material testing, engineering design,equipment manufacturing,install,debugging,technical training,standard production,production contract and "turnkey" service.

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