CHAENG steel slag powder production line helps steel mills waste residue development and utilization

CHAENG steel slag powder production line helps steel mills waste residue development and utilization

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Steel slag is the solid waste discharged by steel mills during the smelting of crude steel, reasonable use of steel slag can play a role in protecting the environment, increasing economic benefits, and sustainable development of resources, and it has important implications for society.The steel slag is prepared into steel slag powder for use in cement and concrete, which can digest steel slag to the greatest extent and meet the goal of steel enterprises to achieve zero NOx discharge.Moreover, the performance of the steel slag powder used in cement and concrete has obvious economic benefits compared with the slag powder, and the performance is not worse than the slag powder. On the contrary, the later strength provides more than the slag powder.

In recent years, in order to protect the ecological environment, CHAENG has taken the development of circular economy as the goal, relying on the company's 60 years of equipment research and development, manufacturing advantages and industrial waste residue utilization technology accumulation, in the development and utilization of steel slag powder, has achieved A wealth of experience.

Based on the raw material characteristics of steel slag, CHAENG designed the steel slag production line with advanced technology, energy saving and environmental protection, and cost-effectiveness to help steel enterprises achieve zero discharge of steel slag.

Technical advantages:

1. Advanced technology and reliable performance. It has advanced technology in pre-grinding, grinding and post-grinding iron removal. It can adapt to the characteristics of poor grindability and high iron content of steel slag, and the equipment runs smoothly.

2. High yield, good quality and more economical. GRMS slag vertical mill adopts unique roller sleeve and lining plate. The steel slag powder produced has high fineness, and the finished product has a specific surface area of 450-550 m2/kg or more. It has good activity and is suitable as cement active mixed material and concrete admixture.

3. Advanced technology and better energy saving effect. Using advanced vertical grinding technology, the electricity consumption per ton of steel slag micropowder system is 20% lower than that of conventional processes. At the same time, the entire production line adopts the DCS central control system, which is highly automated and easy to operate.

steel slag powder production line

CHAENG is a steel slag powder production line with an annual output of 300,000 tons designed, installed and commissioned by Ningsteel. It was completed and put into operation in May 2017. After more than one year of production operation, it has helped Ninggang fully realize the goal of “zero” emission of steel slag, and The quality of steel slag powder produced by Ninggang is stable, the market is in short supply, the prospect is very good, and it has obvious benefit advantages and huge environmental advantages.

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