Reasons affecting the fineness of vertical roller mill materials

Reasons affecting the fineness of vertical roller mill materials

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 What are the reasons that affect the fineness of the vertical mill material? The author believes that there are many reasons. The first is the material, the purity of different raw materials is also different. For example, the industrial waste residue such as slag and nickel slag is purer than the steel slag of the steel plant, The second is the influence of the feed size, the feed size is small and the purity is higher, and finally the customer's demand setting, in order to make the vertical mill production quality qualified, the equipment control needs to be done in the production process.

Reasons affecting the fineness of vertical roller mill materials

At the time of production, the main engine speed of the vertical roller mill is controlled. For the operator, it is important to control the speed of the vertical roller mill's main engine. If the vertical rotation speed of the main vertical roller mill is too high or too low, it will have a great influence on the discharge size of the product. However, in fact, we can adjust the speed of the motor by adjusting the current of the motor, because the gear reducer and motor of the grinding equipment are linked by the accessory shaft of the vertical mill, which is a good method.

In the production process, the wear of the grinding roller and the grinding ring of the vertical grinding equipment also has an effect on the particle size. In the normal operation of the mill equipment, the wear of the grinding roller and the grinding ring does not occur. However, due to the long-term work of the mill, wear will occur, and the wear will result in insufficient grinding of the material. Therefore, the particle size of the finished product cannot achieve the desired effect, resulting in a production failure with excessive particle size.Moreover, such a situation arises when the blades of the analytical vertical mill blades are worn. The analysis machine consists of many blades, which are distributed in a circular shape. The blades will also wear out with the increase of the time of use. The wear will directly cause the analyzer to reduce the efficiency of the powder selection, and the coarse powder will also enter the powder collection. The interior of the unit causes the quality of the finished product to be affected.

In order to achieve the production purpose, we can adjust the fan speed of the mill. Due to the difference in the particle size of the feed, if the wind is too large, the lighter materials and the materials that do not meet the fineness requirements will be blown into the dust collector. Therefore, the rotational speed of the vertical roller mill is also a very important determinant, and we must strictly treat it in production.

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