Six ways to improve the grinding efficiency of vertical roller mill

Six ways to improve the grinding efficiency of vertical roller mill

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Vertical grinding mill is popular with its low price and high output. But after using it for a while, these advantages are gone. The vertical roller grinding mill has a lower and lower powder rate, which seriously affects the company's efficiency. How to solve these problems?

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1, reasonable selection of the host speed, improve the host grinding force

Since the grinding force is mainly derived from the centrifugal force of the grinding roller, the height of the main engine directly affects the grinding force. The low speed of the drive shaft may be one of the reasons for the low powder output rate. If the power is insufficient, the drive belt is too loose or the wear is severe, the drive shaft speed will be unstable and decelerated.

Recommendation: Considering the load carrying capacity of the main motor is a factor in improving the production efficiency of the pendulum mill. Increase the kinetic energy of the mill, adjust the belt or replace it.

2. Reasonably adjust the air pressure and air volume of the blower

Due to the physical properties of various non-metallic mineral raw materials, there are huge differences in chemical composition. For minerals with lower density such as graphite and gypsum, minerals with relatively high density (such as barite) should be adjusted when adjusting wind pressure and air volume. Iron ore, etc.) should be small, and make it properly adjusted. If it is too large, it will easily make the coarse particles not be well graded and mixed into the finished product when sorting through the classifier, and there will be unqualified products; if too small, the host Inside, it is easy to block the phenomenon, so that the machine can not operate normally.

3. Reasonable design of the blade device and selection of wear-resistant materials for the grinding roller ring

The blade device is an important device for directly shoveling the material between the grinding roller and the grinding ring. After the development and improvement of the technology, the blade of the vertical mill is designed to be reasonable, and the material can be scooped up and the material is in the grinding roller and the grinding ring. Thorough grinding between them.

Scraper, grinding roller, grinding ring and other major grinding consumables will seriously affect the rate of powder extraction. It is necessary to select wear-resistant parts with high wear-resistant materials, such as high-chromium cast iron. The blade can not shovel the material, the grinding roller wear ring is seriously worn, and the grinding effect is not good, resulting in low powder processing rate, and the consumable parts should be replaced in time after being worn.

4, do a good job in equipment lubrication

Another reason that affects the speed of the main machine of the mill may be due to the blunt grinding of the teeth. Therefore, it is necessary to check the transmission parts such as grinding teeth and prepare for lubrication.

5, dredge the pipeline, do a good job of sealing

a. The conveying duct of the mill is blocked, which causes the powder to be unable to be transported normally. It will cause the powder to have low or no powder output. When solving the treatment, it is necessary to stop the material in the pipeline and restart the cutting.

Suggestion: The superfine powder contained in the material has a large agglomeration effect, and the loose specific gravity is small, and the volume is large. It is easy to stick to the wall of the pipe and the wall of the silo, and it is not easy to fall. Therefore, the inner wall of the pipe and the silo should be as smooth as possible. Lined with galvanized sheet or stainless steel plate, the discharge taper of the silo should be as small as possible, and the wall vibrator should be added.

b. In addition to blockage, the sealing has an effect. The poor sealing of the pipe will result in increased dust, negative pressure imbalance, low powder delivery rate, and the sealed pipe must be in place before production.

Suggestion: The powder locker of the vertical grinding mill powder production line has not been adjusted to the correct state, resulting in poor sealing, powder suction and other phenomena, to ensure that the locker, return air valve and other valves on the pipeline should be in the correct state. Good working condition.

6, pay attention to the humidity, viscosity, hardness, etc. of the material

The performance of the equipment itself is the main factor determining the level of production efficiency, but the nature of the material, such as powder moisture, viscosity, hardness, discharge particle size requirements, etc., it will also affect the powder yield. Refer to the specifications and instructions of the equipment, and run under the corresponding requirements to achieve good production results.

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