How to make the cement production line energy saving?

How to make the cement production line energy saving?

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How to make the cement plant energy saving is a question which confused many customers, and CHAENG will help you solve this problem as below.Transformer energy: a reasonable determination of the transformer capacity, so that it runs in the best condition. Replace the new energy-saving S9-type transformer to reduce the loss of iron loss, leakage loss, excitation current and load generated by the load current generated by the load current in the transformer coil resistance loss (the size of the load current is proportional to the square ) It improves the design and manufacturing process of the transformer in the main way of reducing the no-load loss. 

 How to make the cement production line energy saving?

With the better quality core material (low loss silicon steel sheet), the no-load loss is more than 10% lower than S7 series compared with S7 series, Load loss decreased by more than 20%. Reactive power compensation: reactive power supply with the same power supply, is to ensure that the power quality is an indispensable part. In the power system should maintain a reactive power balance, otherwise it will reduce the system voltage, equipment damage, power factor decreased. Serious, it will cause the voltage collapse, the system lysis, resulting in a large area of power outages. Therefore, to solve the lack of reactive power capacity of the grid, install the reactive power compensation equipment, improve the network power factor, the power grid of the power saving, safe and cement ball mill has a very important significance.

 How to make the cement production line energy saving?

CHAENG supply cement plant and GGBS salg grinding plant The main solution taken: perfect capacitance in situ compensation mainly has the following three functions: capacity 15-35%; saving 4-10%; protection equipment, improve efficiency.

Speed energy

frequency control of the energy-saving method is to change the frequency to adjust the motor speed to meet the load requirements to achieve energy-saving effect. In the voltage and current are not changed, the amount of electricity and electricity is proportional to the performance characteristics are: can make the device smooth start. With automatic torque compensation function. Speed range, speed ratio is generally up to 10: 1 to 5: 1.4, speed smoothness is good. Promise speed According to the motor load situation, saving rate up to 20 ~ 50%.

Applicable equipment: centrifugal fan, need long-term closed small valve adjustment of the fan, such as grinding exhaust fan, cooler fan and so on. Roots blower, need to discharge excess wind Roots blower. Pump. Belt machine, in order to adapt with the load to start the motor selection is too large, the material layer of thin belt machine. High pressure or low pressure centrifugal fan, 200kW or more, the damper opening is often less than 80%, saving rate of 20% to 40%, can do energy-saving transformation. Roots blower, more than 37kW, emptying more than 15%, saving rate of 15% to 40% of the energy-saving transformation can be done.

Energy-saving energy-saving device

According to the specific equipment power utilization and operating status, to improve the utilization of energy and specifically designed and manufactured a series of patented products, such as reactive power compensation device, motor energy efficiency and so on.

Line loss of energy

According to the load current, choose the most economical transmission line diameter. Replacement of unsafe, uneconomical, insulated aging lines. (Especially aluminum core, generally speaking, the use of more than 8 years of aluminum core wire to be replaced). Clean the wire contact surface. Replace the bad controller in the line.

Into the phase of energy-saving

Mainly used for high-power three-phase winding asynchronous motor, connected in series to the motor rotor circuit, to improve and reduce the unit energy consumption. The main benefits are: power factor increased to 0.95 or more. After entering the stator current 10% to 20%, reduce line loss, copper loss 20 ~ 30% save active power. The motor temperature is significantly reduced, overload capacity and efficiency greatly improved, motor life extension. The use of intelligent technology, automatic phase and retreat, automatic fault protection, protection of long-term safe operation. 

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