CHAENG Construction Baosteel Environmental protection slag powder

CHAENG Construction Baosteel Environmental protection slag powder

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This is a demonstration projects for the domestic comprehensive utilization of steel slag composite powder. AndCHAENG(Great Wall Machinery Co.,Ltd) will continue to actively pay attention to the production and application of steel slag composite powder with Baosteel ,and play the leading role in the area of comprehensive utilization of steel slag , for solving the secondary effects on the environment from steel mill solid waste , and improving the enterprise efficiency.


CHANEG:Baosteel composite powder production line


Production Site

A grand ceremony is held in Ningbo on April 27, 2017! The production line of 1.5 million tons of composite powder of Ningbo Ziheng, Shanghai Baosteel which is contracted by CHAENG(Great Wall Machinery Co.,Ltd) was put into production successfully.

Significance of the project

In order to study the recycling of steel slag, slag and waste from steel factory and solve the problem of steel mills zero emissions, Shanghai baosteel build this demonstration project of comprehensive utilization of steel slag composite powder in domestic. This plays a leading role for the comprehensive utilization of steel slag , solves the secondary effects on the environment of steel mill solid waste, and improves the efficiency of the enterprise.

Operation Status


CHANEG:Baosteel composite powder production line


It is reported that the first phase of the production line will use the GRMS46.41 steel slag grinding plant and 3.2 x 13 m steel slag ball mill from Great Wall machinery Co.,Ltd as the project's main grinding process which has high production efficiency and obvious effects in environmental protection and energy saving.

Before the deadline, the production of slag powder reached 110t/h , with the square meters of 454m squared/kg per kilogram, and the production of steel slag powder is 40 t/h, with the square meters of 500 m squared/kg in the Shanghai baosteel project. It runs well, each index is normal, and fully meet the customer's production requirements. As CHAENG(Great Wall Machinery Co.,Ltd) chairman Wang Jizhong had said, "CHAENG(Great Wall Machinery Co.,Ltd) gives the users the quality, credibility and trust."Shanghai baosteel officials said they will continue to carry out more far-reaching cooperation withCHAENG(Great Wall Machinery Co.,Ltd).

Equipment Process

Process flow of slag production line

Piles of slag are taken and fed by the forklift truck, and conveyed by a belt machine.In the process of conveying, slag raw material is iron-removing and screening through iron remover and vibrating screen, and then go into the vertical grinding machine for grinding by weighing equipment warehouse and elevator. The slag after milling is selected and dried by powder concentrator with hot air provided by the hot blast furnace.The slag powders that meet the fitness requirements are then sent to the dust collector to be collected and released, and lastly conveyed and stored in the library by the air trough and hoisting machine.

Main Equipment

The main engine of the project is the GRMS46.41 slag vertical roller mill and the 3.2 x 13m steel slag ball mill by CHAENG(Great Wall Machinery Co.,Ltd) .

1. Slag vertical roller mill

CHAENG(Great Wall Machinery Co.,Ltd) Vertical roller mill can meet the production line project of 20 ~ 1.5 million tons.We have received high praise from more than 90 customers, making CHAENG(Great Wall Machinery Co.,Ltd) an important part of the core technology of the industry. CHAENG(Great Wall Machinery Co.,Ltd) has been carrying out the ambitious goal of "the inheritors and the developer of the vertical roller mill".


CHANEG:Baosteel composite powder production line


1. It collects finely grounding, pulverizing, drying, selection powder and transportation

2). High Powder efficiency, large drying capacity

3). Low noise and low power consumption

4). Low running cost

5). 20 national patents

6). Easy to adjust product fineness

7_). Simple process , small abrasion

2. Ball mill

CHAENG(Great Wall Machinery Co.,Ltd) ball mill equipment is the new equipment after modification conducted on the basis of traditional ball mill. It changed the original structure, and is widely used in cement, silicate products, new building material, refractory material, fertilizer, metal processing and glass ceramics production industry.

CHANEG:Baosteel composite powder production line


1. Obtain the "double slipper ball mill" practical new patent certificate

2. The process is simple and the maintenance cost is extremely low

3. Reduce energy consumption by 30% and increase the amount of processing by 15-20%

4. The product rate is high, the operation is more stable

Process highlights

The hot blast furnace of this production line adopts the blast furnace gas discharged from the steel mill.Blast furnace gas has the features of strong toxicity, low calorific value, and mostly released into the air, so the recycling of blast furnace gas of this mine line minimizes the pollution to the surrounding environment,also dispense the high environmental taxes.The recycle of blast furnace gas can realize the double benefit of economy and environment.


CHANEG:Baosteel composite powder production line


Why choose CHAENG ?

1. High Production Capacity

CHAENG(Great Wall Machinery Co.,Ltd)mechanical subsoil large kiln grinding equipment manufacturing industry for nearly 60 years, and built first and the only a demonstration slag powder production line in the domestic equipment industry in 2010.CHAENG(Great Wall Machinery Co.,Ltd) is renowned with its advanced technology, first-class quality, good service, established good relations of cooperation with Sinoma international, PT Growth Sumatra Steel Group, Australia's steel, Xuzhou Iron-Steel Plant, Henan Meng electricity and other famous enterprises, and contracted hundreds of nickel slag/steel slag, slag production line projects. It has rich experience in equipment manufacturing and installation, and the professional service team. The large kiln grinding equipment was sold to Kenya, Vietnam, Indonesia, Pakistan, South Africa and other countries.

2. QC

CHAENG(Great Wall Machinery Co.,Ltd) has a skilled and experienced technical and production team and advanced testing equipment. It forms a scientific and perfect technology, production quality assurance system, and conducts strict quality control, comprehensive quality management to make each link more excellent and each product perfect day by day . It embedded the quality control in every link in the process of production.

 3. EPC services

 CHAENG(Great Wall Machinery Co.,Ltd) is committed to build the integrated service brand of domestic first-class grinding system , adheres to the "customer satisfaction is our eternal pursuit" business philosophy, constantly increases vertical integration of industrial chain mining, and first develops"1 vertical mill 8 service" one-stop integrated service solution. From the early stage of the project to the final production, CHAENG(Great Wall Machinery Co.,Ltd) provides the guidance and advocates complementary machining equipment production all the way, for the maximum meet of customers’ the integrated procurement needs, and truly make the customer choose at ease, use without worry, service with comfort.

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