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Full staff cohesion to ensure the construction period

20 Dec,2022 UTC+8 Views:

Near the end of the year, CHAENG (Xinxiang Great Wall Machinery) keeps receiving orders. In order to live up to the trust of customers, all employees will go all out to catch up with the progress, ensure delivery, and race against time to achieve both efficiency and quality.

in the workshop of CHAENG

The product is gradually formed during the day-to-day polishing. All the work is orderly and the progress is controllable. It is very busy.

VRM project of CHAENG

Construction, installation, commissioning

All the progress is in an orderly manner.

staff of CHAENG

Coordinate resources and improve details

Summarize the various tasks in 2022 and actively explore new directions for 2023

It is a critical period to ensure production and delivery in the fourth quarter and to sprint the annual production and operation goals. CHAENG never forgets its original aspirations, forges ahead, and never disappoints the trust of every customer. It will anchor the goal, concentrate on efforts, race against time for production, and go all out to ensure delivery, and win the "final battle" at the end of the year. Make a good start and start for next year's work!


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