Chaeng sand making production line

Chaeng sand making production line

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Process flow

The mined ore raw material is coarsely crushed and then passed through a feeder into a jaw crusher for initial breaking and screening.

Then through the conveyor into the medium and fine crusher cone crusher,

At the same time, the screening system separates 5~30mm materials, stores them in the buffer tank at the top of the sand making machine, and breaks into 4 vertical shaft crushers through the feeder.

It is then conveyed by a belt conveyor to the finished screening shop for screening.

The separated >20mm material is returned to the sand making machine through the belt conveyor for crushing;

The separated 10~20mm material is stored as a finished product in the finished product stacker;

The separated 0~5mm material is washed into the water washing system through the chute.

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The system introduction

Crushing system

The crushing system in the whole production line is divided into three parts: first breaking, medium fine crushing and sand breaking.

First break: 140mm < preliminary breaking material fineness ≤ 800mm

Medium and fine crushing: 30mm

Sand crushing: 0~5mm

Screening system

After each part is broken, it will enter the corresponding material fineness screening system for fineness screening, which part of the material will be entered into which part of the crushing system.

Washing system

The 0~5mm materials separated by the screening system are firstly washed into their respective sand washing systems for further cleaning. The separated sand enters the dewatering screen for dehydration and finally enters the finished sand pile shed for storage.

Wastewater utilization system

After the mud-containing wastewater is dehydrated by the cyclone and the dewatering sieve, the mud flows into the lifting tank by the gravity pump, and is sent to the advection sedimentation tank by the lift pump. The bottom stream is sent to the sludge tank through the plunger pump, and the supernatant liquid flows into the clear water pool for production and use. The sludge tank slurry is sent to the filter press by the filter press feed pump. After the filter press, the filter cake is transported by the belt conveyor to the yard of the plant, and the effluent is discharged into the clear water tank for recycling.

Storage system

The fully enclosed finished product shed has no dust spillage and can meet the storage requirements of natural sand, machine sand and finished aggregate.

Card loading system

Intelligent control of the vehicle from the factory weighing to the entire process of loading the factory, can simplify the process and related information, automation system integration, reduce manual operations, comprehensive improvement of delivery efficiency and customer satisfaction.

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