Strength advantage

Qualifications and honors

  • Complete quality control system
  • Strict quality control
  • Comprehensive quality management
  • Make each link keep improving
  • Make each product be perfect

Excellent Equipments

First-rate production equipment and manufacturing technology (more than 500 sets of highly sophisticated processing equipment);

Powerful processing capacity;

The processing capability per year is 80,000 t.

30t electric arc furnaces
Vertical lathe
7mx12mx4.5m large natural gas furnace for heat treatment
Φ8m Russian gear hobbing machine

Technical Advantages

  • Excellent Technical Team and Powerful Technical Team

    We have the chief vertical mill expert as our partner, which make our technology advanced both home and abroad.

  • Long time cooperation with well-known designing institute and cement plants worldwide

  • Technology transfer service, our company is responsible for training your staffs during the project.

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